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"Anna Gadt is an uncompromising artist - she creates pure and autonomous art" / Adam Domagała

Anna Gadt is an artist out of this planet. It is far ahead of the standards of contemporary jazz vocalism. It is a journey to the future of vocalism, which Anna Gadt released is bold, innovative, and at the same time very intimate and inner. "/ Marta Jundziłł

There are not many female vocalists with a similarly interesting vision of a creative path, or taking up as original artistic challenges as Anna Gadt. Although in her work she also uses traditionally understood singing, the artist is most interested in vocal improvisation - in search of non-obvious sounds, she constantly develops performance techniques that allow her to develop her field of expression. On stage, Anna Gadt does not limit herself to the role of a soloist: while improvising, she often treats her voice on an equal footing with the tones of the instruments playing with her and enters into deep sonic harmonies with them "  /

Gadt is an outstanding continuator of the vocal line, opening jazz singing to a number of inspirations outside of jazz, especially classical and traditional music "/ Jazz Jantar, Tomasz Rozwadowski

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January 2020

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